NYC La Guardia Airport Redevelopment

LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment
NYC – La Guardia Airport

Travellers flying in and out of New York City’s La Guardia Airport may experience additional time delays getting in and out of the airport due to a $4-billion dollar redevelopment program.

The redevelopment program at La Guardia Airport is scheduled to last for four years and will completely reshape the airport.  La Guardia already has little access via public transportation and, for many, traveling to the airport has already become a trying experience.  It has been reported that during the week of August 21st, 2016, there were several days where it was taking two to four hours to reach the terminals.  Passengers arriving via rental car were forced to ditch the rental car and walk several miles to the airport.  Uber has even refused rides to and from the airport due to traffic snarls.

If you are traveling to or through New York La Guardia Airport, you are recommended to contact your carrier as many carriers have been advising travelers to give themselves four hours to travel from Manhattan to the airport.

For up to date information, you can click on La Guardia Airport Travel Advisories for up-to-date changes.



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