Confessions of a Vacation Addict

I was contemplating the next article while sipping on my morning coffee this morning; I already had one in draft form and was working out what I wanted to say, when we received an email from a good friend who is also one our most valued clients.

French Quarter – New Orleans

Once Bryan and I got done wiping the tears from ours eyes due to us laughing so hard, I reached out and asked if we could turn this email into an article for our Blog, of which, the response was yes.  So, from our good friend Kevin, here is his confession of a Vacation Addict:


“I have come to the realization that I have a vacation problem. I am a vacation addict. Greg and Bryan you are my vacation dealers. It all started out simply enough with the gateway vacation to New Orleans. Oh just try it, it will be OK, you’ll like it, we’ll take care of everything. Then I jumped right into the hard stuff with a river cruise. I should have seen

Ponte Vecchio Florence
Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

the signs earlier. I hadn’t even finished the river cruise and I was already looking for my next vacation fix. How convenient that my vacation dealers said don’t worry we’ll be there with you, dragging me even deeper into addiction. Now again, I haven’t even made it to Italy and my dealers are already dangling a new Caribbean vacation fix out there. Testament with how far I plunged into this vacation addiction, we hang up the phone and I’m all over your dealer site and search the internet about my next vacation fix. I’m just glad there isn’t a 12 step program out there!”


St. Lucia, Caribbean

Vacation addiction, a good addiction to have!  Happy Friday everyone and have a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!




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